July 2009

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4 Tips for Preventing Spinal Cord Injury While Diving

New Braking Standards for Tractor Trailer Trucks Will Save Hundreds of Lives

Peer Pressure, Not Scare Tactics, Stop College Age DUI's

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New Study: Half of all College Students Text and Drive

How to Prevent One of the Most Common Teen Driving Mistakes

Atlanta Father Works to Limit Speed of Heavy Trucks

After a Spinal Cord Injury, Former Drag Racing Champion Gives the Gift of Mobility to Children in Need

Company Settles for $16 Million After Truck Driver Admits Lying

The Consumer Product Safety Commission: Standing Between American Consumers and Dangerous Products

Chiari Malformation After Car Accident

Federal Highway Agency Exposed in a Cover Up; More Road Accidents Caused by Cell Phones than Previously Reported

State of California Passes Bill Prohibiting Big Trucks in Dangerous Runaway Zone

I-85 Construction South of Atlanta Leads to More Auto Accidents

Simple Urine Test May Reduce Unnecessary Childhood Appendectomies

Medically Unfit Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

America’s Road Team: Truckers Taking Your Safety to Heart

Tanker Truck Explodes on I-75 North

I-85 Construction Leads to More Tractor Trailer Accidents

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Children and Hot Cars: The Straight Truth

Atlanta 4th Worst for Traffic (But Don't Lose Hope Quite Yet)

Happy Ending for One TBI Sufferer

10 Fatality Pile-up in Oklahoma Illustrates Tractor Trailer Dangers

MARTA and the Washington D.C. Metro: What do they have in common?

Critical Problems Found with Georgia Public Health System

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89 New Georgia Laws Take Effect