Bus Accident Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

If you or your child suffered a personal injury in a bus accident, then the experience and caring nature of our Attorneys can stop your worry today.

A Free Consultation to Evaluate Your Case

Firefighters at bus accidentAfter seeking medical attention to determine the extent of your injuries, you are well advised to immediately discuss you situation with our experienced legal team.

Multiple vehicles, multiple drivers and other injured people can make it all too complex to recall exactly what happened. So don’t delay. Our evaluation is free.

Local Government and Bus Companies defend Bus Drivers vigorously, and you will need your case evaluated quickly so that together we have the maximum available time to investigate your situation and bring the negligent party to trial.

Commuter and School Bus Accidents

A large vehicle accident involving people going to work or children on their way to school can cause life-changing injuries and fatalities. You entrust your safety and that of your child to the driver.

Local Government and Insurance Companies do everything they can to protect their drivers. You need to act fast and prepare your case so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

What Should I Do Before Meeting with an Attorney?

  1. First and foremost you must seek medical attention for a complete evaluation of your condition and treatment of your personal injuries.
  2. If for some reason the Police did not attend the scene in your presence, then you or family member must contact the Police who will investigate the scene, determine who is at fault, and file an accident report for the record.
  3. If you are able, try to recall the facts by writing down notes or sketching.
  4. Take the contact details of the driver and any other passengers or parties.
  5. Use your smartphone to take photos of the scene and the vehicle registrations.
  6. Contact our office for a free evaluation.

We can Guide you Through the Legal Process

Our experience in protecting the rights of individuals involved in complex, multi-vehicle crashes means we know what to do at each stage of the legal process.

We will meet with you and your loved ones to take you carefully through the process and to explain how it works. It is our role to navigate the case through all the legal steps in the most efficient way to protect your rights.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

  • Mechanical issues
  • Maintenance issues
  • Speed
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Aggressive driving
  • Swerving and avoiding other vehicles or pedestrians
  • Bad driving in congested road conditions
  • Driver loss of concentration
  • Driver distraction
  • Unruly passengers
  • Driver impairment
  • Poor road conditions
  • Poor road maintenance
  • Road rage

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