Truck Accident Claims Get Complex Very Quickly

Vehicle AccidentIf you have been involved in a truck or tractor trailer wreck, then it is important that you contact an experienced and successful Attorney who understands how to protect your rights. Trucking companies have a responsibility to the public to hire safe drivers who follow the rules and don’t endanger the public.

Driver, Truck, Load and Road

Typically, there is a unique relationship between the driver, the truck, the load and the road. This network of people and organizations must be carefully investigated so that you hold the responsible party accountable. It is our role to establish who is responsible and to represent your claims, negotiations and trial of your case.

Truck Accidents Happen Because…

Our detailed and thorough investigation will establish all relevant facts about your particular accident with a truck or tractor trailer. Most trucking wrecks are caused by the truck driver’s negligence and refusal to follow simple safety rules that are designed to keep the public safe. Our experienced attorneys know how to fight for justice against trucking companies who refuse to take responsibility.

Pedestrians, Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles and Other Trucks

Insurance rules differ for truck accidents involving:

  • Pedestrians
  • Cars
  • Bicycles
  • Truck-to-Truck

Representation by an experienced trial Attorney who has the resources and tools to support the complex, legal and insurance process is essential to receiving justice We offer a free consultation so that your case is evaluated quickly and without fear of large legal bills.

A Complex Web of Reasons Why Truck Wrecks Happen

Truck Driver Negligence

  1. Prescription drugs/illegal drugs
  2. Alcohol
  3. Fatigue
  4. Lack of attention
  5. Not familiar with the road or surrounding environment
  6. Lack of training
  7. Not enough sleep
  8. Sudden stops

Vehicle and equipment problems

  1. Tires
  2. Brakes
  3. Transmission
  4. Steering
  5. Lighting
  6. Load balance
  7. Attachments and restraints

Car Trucking Companies Cannot Avoid Responsibility

Trucking companies cannot avoid responsibility even if the driver is an independent driver and not directly employed by the Trucking Company.

An experienced Truck Accident Attorney knows how to work with this highly regulated Industry. It is much more involved and complicated than a car or bike wreck.

Truck and Tractor Trailer Crashes Cause More Harm

Trucks dominate the road in every sense and as the larger and heavier vehicle, these trucks making any accident with a regular-sized car, motorcycle or pedestrian immediately catastrophic and potentially fatal.

Sadly, multiple personal injuries and/or multiple fatalities can be the result. Negligent drivers and company owners need to be held responsible for their recklessness. The safety of the public depends on it. Aggressive Representation

Commercial wreck investigations require a team of professionals supporting your Attorney. We aggressively represent your claim by including all the tools and resources necessary to make sure your losses are respected by the trucking company.

Our resources include professionals, experts and consultants.

  • Accountants
  • Truck Industry Experts
  • Vehicle Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Industry Consultants

It takes a team working together to uncover the exact details so that you receive the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering and/or the loss of a loved one. Protect Your Evidence

All the evidence must be captured, studied and preserved. The success of your claim will be dependent upon hard evidence and how quickly you act to preserve it. The vehicles will be investigated and the accident scene analyzed by professionals to determine fault.

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Whatever the cause behind your personal injury or the death of a loved one you can be assured that we have the experience, resources, tools and motivation to get the compensation you deserve for you and your family.

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