Should your Employer, a Corporation or an Individual take responsibility for your serious injury?

The attorneys at The Law Office of Michael Lawson Neff, P.C., know how to support your claim in the situation that you were seriously injured at work, at a place owned by a large Company, or by a specific individual. You should not delay in discussing your case with our experienced Attorneys. You can be assured that the negligent party is already in discussions with their Attorney and Insurance Company. Do not wait to contact The Law Office of Michael Lawson Neff, P.C. Our Attorneys are ready to evaluate your case today for free.

How do I know if my personal injury is considered serious enough under the Law?

It is our role to evaluate your case under the Law. Do not delay to have one of our experienced Trial Attorneys review your case.

You must have your case evaluated if you have been seriously injured by:

  • A truck, bus or car
  • A motorcycle
  • Watercraft
  • A drunk drivers recklessness
  • Burns or electrocutions
  • A building or construction accident
  • A medical procedure

What is a catastrophic injury?

A catastrophic injury means you or your loved one’s life is changed forever because of the accident caused by the recklessness of the other person or their property.

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Burns
  • Loss of limbs
  • Fatal Injuries

Sadly, fatal injuries resulting in wrongful death claims can follow any serious personal injury. It is not only about today but also the future of you and your loved ones that must be taken into consideration during your fight for justice. It is so important that you speak with a qualified trial attorney immediately. We will support you through the complex legal process and evaluate your case today.

Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in representing hard-working community people like you in the specialist areas of:

  • Car Accident, taxi, SUV, or city cars
  • Truck Accident caused by any moving vehicle such as; commercial trucks, tractors or trailers
  • Bus Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Drunk Driving Accidents where the drunk driver is responsible for causing personal injury to you or your property
  • Life-changing catastrophic injuries
  • Fatal injuries from accidents or violent crime