Georgia Fire & Explosion Accident Lawyer

The prevention of burn injuries demands the utmost care in the manufacture, maintenance and handling of dangerous substances and products. It also requires extensive preparation for responding to and extinguishing a fire. Laws and regulations are in place to ensure these measures. Why? Because burn injuries are some of the most horrific in their suddenness and effects, short term and long term.

Whose Duty Is It?

Houses on FireUnder personal injury law, we all have a responsibility to take some care to avoid harming others. In the case of dangerous, caustic or explosive materials, a higher level of care is legally required. For example:

  • A plumber redirecting a gas line in your home needs a license and training to be qualified to do so. Should gas escape and explode, he or she may be responsible.
  • Perhaps your landlord hired someone unqualified on-the-cheap to do it. He or she may be held liable.
  • Likewise faulty wiring can cause fires and the responsible party or parties should be held accountable.
  • Sprinkler systems to put out a fire must be maintained, and alarm systems must warn us of danger.

What Are the Effects?

The human body is a wonderful creation. But skin is no match for temperatures at hundreds of degrees. Electrocution by high voltage does horrible things to organs, tissues and other parts of the body. The shock of these injuries leaves emotional scars.

The Law Offices of Michael Lawson Neff, P.C., handles burn cases with urgency and compassion for victims. We know you or a loved one may face years of painful surgeries and skin grafts. Your child may have a scar for the rest of his or her life.

We are highly experienced in investigating the cause of burn injuries, and just as important, who is to blame. Our lawyers are dedicated to counseling those injured, and vigorously pursuing the maximum compensation from any and all parties responsible.

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