Caring Legal Assistance for Victims of Burns or Electrocution

Serious burn injuries can scar and disfigure, and leave emotional wounds that last a lifetime.

An electrocution accident can change or end a life in an instant.

If you suffered burns from a fire, explosion or scalding, if you were electrocuted, contact The Law Offices of Michael Lawson Neff, P.C. in Atlanta to discuss your injuries. Call us toll-free or e-mail us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 404-531-9700. Our lawyers serve clients throughout greater Atlanta, including DeKalb County, Clayton County, Fulton County and Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Helping You Seek Compensation

Many of the severe burn injury cases we accept involve hot water scalds or construction and property flaws that go unmonitored by management. A property owner owes you safety and security when you reside in or visit an apartment or business. When you are burned or electrocuted during your visit, the owner or manager leaves themselves open to legal action.

Electrocution can be caused by faulty construction, shortcuts in electrical work and wiring left exposed to curious children and visitors. Extreme cases of electrocution injury can result in fatal injuries and a wrongful death claim.

Our personal injury law firm protects your rights in burn and electrocution injury cases on a contingency fee basis. We are not paid attorney fees unless we win your case and you receive compensation.

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