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In a boxing match, a “kidney punch” is illegal because it can do such damage. If a punch can do such harm, think of the potential harm to the liver, spleen and other organs in a car accident or truck wreck. Internal organs are essential to life and are vulnerable.

Blunt or penetrating force in a car crash is the most common accident causing internal injury, but pedestrians and bicyclists are frequent victims. Construction sites and other workplaces also see their fair share of internal injuries.

Results of these injuries can include secretion of harmful substances from organs into the body, the need for long-term dialysis, even death. Yet they are sometimes hard to diagnose or prove to a jury. They are not readily visible. Damage may take time to appear.

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If you have lost a loved one in an accident, we will investigate the cause and injuries that lead to the wrongful death. You deserve compensation for the lost income, companionship and all that you have lost.

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