Have you lost a loved one because a driver was negligent or because a surgeon was negligent? In legal terms, wrongful death is defined as the loss of a life due to the criminal or negligent conduct of another person.

Each year, thousands of families are affected by wrongful death of a loved one. For those who are left behind, it is extremely painful and difficult to come face to face with the tragedy of losing a loved one, no matter what the circumstances are. But knowing that a loved one’s death may have been prevented can only add to the already insurmountable level of emotional distress of everyone involved. So many questions come to mind:

  • Why did this happen to us?
  • What do we do now?
  • What will become of the children’s future?
  • How will we take care of our expenses?

Questions such as these can leave families distraught and at a loss. The damage left behind by a death in the family is irreparable, especially in such life-altering circumstances.

Compassionate Lawyers for Victims and Families of Wrongful Death

We can answer your questions. Lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael Lawson Neff, P.C. have extensive experience litigating wrongful death claims and helping hurting families ease their financial burden as a result of the wrongful death of a loved one.

Most importantly, we listen with compassion. But we are also realistic. We know that families of victims of wrongful death – spouses, children, parents – are faced with the many challenges of losing a loved one. Families need time to grieve but at the same time, they also need to deal with immediate and long term financial matters such as, funeral arrangements, bill payment, household management, and children’s schooling, among others. The lives and the future of the families of wrongful death victims are will never be the same again.

Claims for Wrongful Death

Aside from criminal or negligent conduct of another person, wrongful death claims may also arise when a person dies as a result of a defective product or from consuming tainted food. Therefore, companies can also be held liable and be required to pay compensation if it is proven that death is due to their defective, poorly designed, improperly labelled or tainted products.

In addition, many states, including Georgia, also allow a claim for the wrongful death of a fetus that happens as a result of the negligent or criminal conduct of another person. Indeed, the unborn child has rights under Georgia law and parents can claim compensation. If a mother is killed and there is cause to claim for wrongful death and her unborn child also dies, then there is possibility to claim for compensation on behalf of the unborn baby.

We are experienced with these serious legal issues. Let The Law Offices of Michael Lawson Neff, P.C. help you in this time of need.

You may be able to get financial compensation for the following resulting damages:

  • Lost Future Earnings of the Deceased
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Medical Bills
  • Loss of Companionship
  • Sorrow and Grief

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If your loved one is a victim of wrongful death, be it due to a vehicular accident, medical negligence or a defective product, your family can obtain justice.

But you have to contact us without delay due to the statute of limitations. Our knowledgeable lawyers have the experience and will provide comprehensive legal counsel should you wish to pursue a wrongful death claim.

When you lose someone, the road to healing and emotional recovery is long and difficult. But bringing the person responsible to justice and getting the maximum financial compensation will help your family take on the financial challenge that will come your way.

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