Stuntman gets new trial

Christopher Caso, a professional stuntman, suffered severe brain injuries while performing a stunt for the TV show, “M.Ds.” According to the allegations in the complaint, the stunt Caso performed required him to fall through a scored drywall ceiling onto a collapsible gurney and crash pad. On the day of the stunt, the stunt coordinators refused Caso’s request to drill a hole in the ceiling and failed to ensure the center of the crash pad was properly placed. The crash pads were also poorly maintained. Because of the failure to prepare properly for the stunt, the Casos alleged, Caso fell to the ground at an improper angle, missing part of the crash pad and slamming his head on the ground.

Because of the employment contract status of Caso, their claim failed. In May 2008, the court granted an appeal. Negligent construction issues can lead to serious injuries. If you know someone in Georgia who was injured due to a construction defect, contact an Atlanta injury attorney at The Law Offices of Michael L. Neff.