Over a year and a half of litigation, the law offices of Michael Neff provided excellent advice, explaining as needed the complex issues involved in my case. In addition, the offices broad range of subject matter experts and expert witnesses greatly aided our litigation. I highly recommend Michael Neff and his associates.
Nicholas DePofi
Michael handled my personal injury from an accident involving a Semi Truck rear-ending me about four years ago. I was completely impressed at the tenacity and hard work he poured into my case and was very satisfied at the results. He offered me competent and professional advice throughout the entire course of the case. I can still recall the other lawyer at the resolution of the case stating that he had never had to work as hard in his life as he had on this case, fighting Michael.
Former Client
I found Mr. Neff through an internet search and I am glad I did. Mr. Neff is one of the best negotiators I have seen; he was aggressive and was very knowledgeable about me and my case. I am sure that I received better health care because of his help. Mr. Neff has been generous with his time; he almost always took my calls immediately (No phone tag) and has helped me with issues related to the case but not part of his responsibility. I hope no one has to endure what my family and I have gone through secondary to my wreck. But if you do and you chose Mr. Neff to help, you will have a new best friend who truly cares what's best for your family and you.
Former Client
Michael is a knowledgeable professional who interacts with respect and fairness. Standout characteristics include his dedication, a high degree of ethics and strong values. His ability to listen with care and concern and guide his clients through challenging times is commendable.
Sue Jacobson

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