What Should I Do if I Trip and Fall on Someone’s Property?

The first thing to do if you trip (or slip) and fall on someone else’s property, and it is not your fault, is to note the condition of the property. Memories can become foggy with time. So take pictures, write notes, and ask others whether anyone else has had similar accidents. If you are able, try to get the names and phone numbers of witnesses. If the property owner or manager is available, let them know about the fall if possible. Look to see whether the property owner took precautions to prevent the accident, such as a warning sign.

If you are injured in a fall in Georgia, you should consult with a lawyer who is experienced in handling those types of cases. They are very different than handling a car accident. Frequently, an expert in property management is necessary to note building or maintenance violations. Contact the attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael L. Neff for a free consultation on all serious injuries.